Detailing Design

When the concept is defined, all limitations and design principles are listed, detail you concept in a design.

As it was mentioned before, there are several design dimensions:

There are always dependencies between design aspects but whenever possible, treat (develop and evaluate) each separately.

On design stage each design aspect is approached separately and a specific set of artifacts is created.

To ensure coherent process, reuse artifacts that were created in exploration phase:

  • Personas,
  • Core use cases,
  • Informational architecture concept,
  • Interaction design concept,
  • Layout concept.

In some projects different stages can be handled by different departments or even external agencies. Whenever you have to take over or give your work for the future development to another person, prepare a design brief that includes not only a set of pictures but also describes why some decisions have been taken. It will save some time for communication and ease a start of new activity.

And whenever you prepare a design documents that you’ll use yourself or pass further here is a useful checklist of what to keep in mind.

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