The Goal

A good project goal helps you to stay focused, choose a right design alternative, verify implementation and convince stakeholders on the choice of alternative.

A good goal is a SMART:  Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Trackable.

A specific UX goal focuses on:

  • a human activity which the designed system supports,
  • people, or users who perform this activity,
  • a level of support which the system must provide,
  • a form of solution.

A specific UX goal  can be written as a single sentence “elevator-speech” form
(credits to Suleman Shahid from Tilburg University (the Netherlands)

design a <form of solution> that helps <people>
to perform a <human activity> with a provided <level of support>

“Create a web-portal that helps solo UX designers, startupers and project managers to define relevant steps and a scope of UX design in their project that is easy to apply in everyday work”.

A measurable UX goal defines UX metrics that are used as benchmark and for future design evaluation.

Those metrics could be taken from the problem statement above:

  • human activity gives you a hint about this activity success criteria,
  • level of support defines measures.

An actionable UX goal gives you a hint where to start:

  • a form of solution + human activity = benchmark area
  • form of solution = work outline
  • UX metrics = evaluation criteria

A relevant UX goal keeps you in focus. The relevance of product secondary features should be questioned trough the project. It could happen that the results of evaluations and chosen metrics show a good progress, but users and your designers fillings tell you the opposite. It is a moment to stop and revise.

A trackable UX goal allows you to see the progress though iterations and suggests the right direction at a specific stage.

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