This resource is a prompt to action. It is aimed to be focused and concise while informative enough to provide you with a strong direction along the way.

Who is it for?

This resource is for you.

But also for many other (freelance) designers,  start-upers and project managers who are looking for a good framework to align their everyday activities in order to deliver a high quality user experience (UX).


There are quite some books on specific UX topics like overall philosophy but also very detailed descriptions of methods, though there are not many that tie all those bits together.

That is exactly the purpose of this book: bring important parts of UX creation process together and give a canvas for the solo designer to start with doing an effective and professional UX design straight away.

Please note: here you will not find detailed explanation of terms or methods. But whenever needed, you will find all necessary references to dig deeper into a topic of your interest.

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