Depending on your tastes, budget and a this moment wishes you choose to go to a restaurant or visit a fastfood by the corner. In any case you get a food for your body to survie for a next couple of hours. Your choice influences the experience you get. Sometimes you can find the best french fries evere in a small shop and be happy. But probably you will not survie on fries only for a long time or yoou stomach will object. Sometimes you cook at home and you have a few prooven recepies from your grandmother. But then you what to try something new. Sometimes you go to a fancy restaurant to have a full cource menu with apetisers and digestives and deserts.

Similar goes for a design. Depending on a project scope and a budget you choose to go to a freelancer, employ inhouse designer or make a deal with a design studio. Remeber, there are specific steps in a design project that have to be taken. Depending on your choice you can expect:

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