Cooking Mood

Good mood takes the cooking experience to the entirely new level. A good recipe paired with a right attitude allow you to create great meals and great designs. And here is a recipe for a right mood – remember:

It is OK to ask questions. Asking questions could sometimes make you look stupid, but without asking them you will look even more stupid later.

It is OK to be slow if you are in a hurry, probably you will need to redo your work afterwards.

It is OK to work on your own for a while, but please go outside and talk to people. Communication is the key when you want to create something that your end-users will love.

It is NOT OK to be bored with your work, and do stuff that does not help you to develop either your project or yourself.

It is NOT OK to move pixels aimlessly around without any improvement strategy in hand just because you are asked to ‘play with a layout’.

It is NOT OK to spend years on a project in isolation without any feedback from your team mates and end-users of the product you are helping to create. This is a sure way to get bored and do unnessesary work.

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